16 August 2007

Let It Be Known That I Hate My Brother

My handphone rings, and lo, it's the Brother, no less!

Me: Hello?
He: Hey yah, I'm going down to a thrift shop because my friend who works there just told me that a filty rich guy just came down with a load of Armani shirts and stuff. You want anything from there for Intuition?
Me: Great thanks! Help me pick up something.
He: Ok sure.
Me: If you happen to see anything nice for ladies, can you help me pick it up too? My waist is 2x - 2(x+1). Thanks.
He: . . .
Me: ?
He: . . . so fat?


Anonymous said...

Lol! You are so NOT fat. ;)

- Jac

Singing Tigger said...

LOL... sibling rivalry?

got to love your bro... :p

like the bible kind...

"love your enemy"


Anonymous said...

Lol! You are not SO fat ;)

Quirkz said...

jac: thank you ; ) so sweet of u! *comforted*

tigger: tis so hard to love my bro... God, help me! even when he calls me f*t!

anon: *smack!*

Toon Han said...

Hey the formula of your waist does not make sense to me. Your waist is either 0 or negative figure. You are sure the first person to have this waist. haha :P

Toon Han said...

Oops. I was incorrect in my previous post. It is not possible to get 0 figure. Looks like no matter what number x is, the result is -2. Thus her waist line is -2. Hmm...friends out there, any idea which shopping mall sells pants, jeans or skirts of waist line -2? haha :P

CL said...

It's not the waist size but the proportion that matters! In my opinion, u r pretty safe! :)

Anonymous said...

proportionately fat = not fat?

Quirkz said...

toon han:
the "-" sign was meant to be a "dash", as in, punctuation :P not subtraction ; )

the formula is supposed to read "Two, Arbritrary Figure; to Two, Arbritary Figure Plus One" not "Two Ex Minus Two Bracket Ex Plus One Close Bracket" :D i hope that clarifies things a little ; ) like you, i doubt "-2" is a valid size around town ; )

CL: thanks for the consolation! ; )

Anon: *pfffft*

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahahh, GREAT JOKE!