24 August 2007

The Perfect Night-cap

Dear Gara,

Thank you for your generousity.
Rest assured that your bottle of Baileys is in good hands.

Yours Truly,
The Quirkie Inebriate



JMoh said...

Lovely... I have 2 of those too! *hic*

Monday makan session with the usual suspects still on? Bokat Jones perhaps? Its near where you'd hv your classes.

Quirkz said...

monday makan session onz =)

botak jones sounds good, too! teochew porridge or botak jones, either way i'm happy ^_^

Anonymous said...

teochew porridge pls... or may I suggest Tiong Bahru market?

g. said...

hey, whr did u get ur baileys from? shall we call for another post National Day gathering soon??? :P

Quirkz said...

i actually BORROWED gara's Baileys :P Wanted it for a dessert, plus she needed help finishing it ;) think she got it from Duty Free.

methinks me want a bottle of kahluas next ^_^

vodka would be nice too... mmm. Juice + vodka.

The next gathering. Let's file this up for the next gathering ;)