02 September 2007


I'b down wib a code. By nose id thuck and air-con id by biggeth edeby.


Cand dju underthand what i'b thaying?

I'b got a CODE! A CODE!


*sniffle... Hooooonk*

Ethcuth be while I go brow by dothe.


Anonymous said...


I'm done with my coat. My fold is muck and air-con is my beefest alibi.


Can u underhand what I'm baying?

I've got a COAT! A COAT!


*sniffle... Hooooonk*

Eskew me while I go bow my nose

CL said...

hahahahha...... u 2 r hilarious!!!!

Kai: glad that ur sense of humour is not a wee bit affected by ur code!

Rest well...i know how misearable it feels to be down with a code...

Btw, it took me a while to decode ur msg! :)

sparkleberry the genius said...

I'm down with a cold. My nose is stuck and air-con is my biggest enemy.


Can you understand what i'm saying?

I've got a COLD! A COLD!


*sniffle... Hooooonk*

Excuse me while I go blow my nose.

Quirkz said...


The comments are so interesting :D

CL: Thanks! =) yes, a code can be quite a miserable thing. *Sniffle*

and the prize goes to Sparkleberry ;)

JMoh said...

Twas mee hoo pahssed on da coat!

Twas daz Deener lust munndae wit annon & queerkee dat grave dem dee buug.

But now Ive recovered and my nose is clear, glad to have friends who share everything... ;-)

Rudra said...

Thanks for writing this.