15 August 2007

Eating @ The Arthouse

A quiet place Intuition and I like to visit for good ambience, good value for money pizzas and simple, satisfying desserts is the Earshot Cafe @ The Arthouse (aka The Old Parliament House).

Earshot Cafe is a place to read, chill and enjoy hushed conversations. It houses a collection of books and music written by Singaporeans of various genres, ranging from History books to art-publications to raunchier stuff. You can browse the books there and listen to the music. There are comfortable chairs and sofas for you to curl up and read for as long as you like, as long as you don't overstay your welcome by sitting past their closing time. The service is quick and non-intrusive--yet another reason to pop by.

I like it for its quietness and the good, simple fare it offers. A medium sized pizza costs $12.50 and is enough to feed 2 medium sized appetites (read: neither Intuition nor I :P). They have only 3 types of pizzas available, but I like all 3 flavours, especially the tomato and mozerella cheese one. The crust isn't thick and starchy but fairly thin and crispy, just the way I like it.

The desserts don't disappoint either. The apple-crumble with a scoop of cinnamon ice-cream is just sweet enough, nicely crumbly and has a good hint of cinnamon in it--definitely good stuff. Personally, I like their peach pastry with honey ice-cream, but last night's ice-cream tasted more like coconut milk than honey, so that seemed rather mismatched.

Check out the place when you want to peruse the literary and musical talents of Singaporeans; when you want to take your time to finish your meal and your book without being rushed by the wait-staff to "moveitmoveitmoveit-others-are-waiting-for-your-table-dammit"; and when you want some peace and quiet in the midst of the city bustle.


Anonymous said...

Very nicely written: ) The pizzas are my favorite. Cheap and good... where to find?

Quirkz said...

Yup, indeed value for money.

Have been meaning to try their pasta... maybe the next time! Pasta for main, apple crumble for dessert. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Are you a gourmet? Or are you paid to do all these food reviews? You sound professional.

Quirkz said...

Hi Anon,
Surely you tease and jest =) I'm but a greedy goose with a picky palate.

Although if there is an opening as a food reviewer, let me know ^_^ I think that's a job I'd love to do ; )

Anonymous said...

Any milk shakes?

Quirkz said...

mr bing:

gomen ne, arimasen desu.

billy bombers no milkshake hontoni oeishii desu ne~ ^_^

g. said...

hey Kai, issit the one in the Artshouse / e one outside?

Wow, you always make food reviews sound so good, other than Aun Koh! :)

Quirkz said...

OMG u have just made my day--you compared me with the venerable Chubby Hubby! *immensely flattered*

it's the one inside... i hope you like it =)

g. said...

;P :D