15 July 2007

Simple Pleasures in Life: Serendipity

Serendipity: (noun) good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries.

Blessing #1:
Walking around in City Hall last Saturday evening, Intuition and I stumbled across an international food fair right outside Raffles City, selling delectable international cuisine at bargain prices. There were Russian Desserts, Turkish Wraps and other types of foodie-goodies; )

We bought a chicken wrap and it was the best wrap we have tasted--a chewy exterior lightly dusted with flour, filled with fresh vegetables and mouthfuls upon mouthfuls of savoury chicken. The chicken was very tender and well seasoned; a welcome change from the usual dry and measly chicken pieces we get in the wraps around town. At $5, it's a steal :D

Blessing #2:
As a part of the fair, there were 2 very good acoustic guitarists performing near the temporary al fresco dining area. Guitarist A was doing the rythm and most of the singing while Guitarist B does the fancy riffs. A had a husky and masculine voice, so A could imitate songs by U2, Creed and Oasis to great effect. B's voice was tenor-ish and he sounds more like the lead in Cold Play (I swooned when he sang Yellow). Together, they made such beautiful music. Seriously, before I caught sight of them, I thought someone was playing an acoustic CD. *love-struck sigh*

Did I ever mention my soft spot for guys who can play the guitar? ^_^

Intuition and I were so absorbed by their performance that we hung around for the rest of the evening listening to them work their magic on their guitars and bought more food :P We shared the aforementioned kebab, a steak sandwich and a Heneiken. And this was after our dinner (subway + waffles), mind you!

I really regretted not bringing my camera out that evening =) I would have loved to take photos with them ^_^ Intuition and I went up to them after the performance to gush about how good they were (well I gushed anyways :P) and we had to wait our turn to pay them our compliments for by the time they ended, they had a fan-base.

Serendipity, Blessing is thy name ^_^

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