24 July 2007

The Painful Tooth.

Yesterday, I was a brave little girl and I had my wisdom tooth forcibly yanked out extracted. The dentist was really professional and friendly throughout the whole torture mutilation surgery and had it out within 15minutes. I am so thankful that my visit to the clinic lasted less than 1hour, including X-ray and waiting time. (Thanks, God! ^_^)

So here I am, at home on a lovely Tuesday morning, blogging =)

I can't bend down too much as there would be this rush of blood towards the tooth cavity and it's quite a gross thought thinking of the gush of blood spurting out of where the tooth used to be. This morning as I lazed around in bed, luxuriating in my right to stay at home, I realised that my whole mouth tastes / smells of stale blood that had collected over the night. UGH. A quick visit to the washroom and a spit proves my suspicions right--it IS (stale) blood. I have vampire breath. Yuck yuck yuck.

I can deal with the fact that the right side of my face looks like a chipmunk DNA experiment gone wrong; even the throbbing ache from my jaw-bone to my throat whenever I swallow anything (even saliva) is not that bad; it's the constant tinny taste of blood in my mouth that irks me. But I'm not supposed to rinse my mouth too often as it hinders the blood clotting process, and we wouldn't want the blood to not clot, do we?

Another thing I have to come to terms with is that my diet for the next few days will revolve around mushy luke-warm food with zero texture (read: baby food). Too hot and it will scald the sensitive mush of blood and flesh where my wisdom tooth used to reside. Too cold and the exposed nerves will pick it up and amplify it. Too hard and it will jab into it (OUCH!).

Intuition was really kind to take 1/2 day's leave to meet me before the operation for a last supper of sorts, and to accompany me for the rest of the day. It's a good meal to help me tide through the season of bad meals that is to come for the next few days (although I am secretly planning a revolt tomorrow, that come tomorrow, I shall disobey all orders and eat something tasty instead! Damned if it be hot and spicy, I want to eat and eat well, I shall!)

Yesterday, the Best Grandma In The World was informed that her spoilt little bratty princess will be coming down to her place in the evening after the wisdom tooth extraction ("there's no one at home to take care of meeeee... can I go down pleeaaasee??? and can you cook porridge for me pleeeeaaaaseee??"). And so she did, she cooked a nice pot of pork porridge for me. Except that when dinner time came, I had zero appetite and the thought of putting food into my bloodied and mangled mouth was such a turn off for my appetite. Finally, I worked up enough will power to sip some soup bit by bit (it was VERY HARD WORK) and even managed to eat half a small bowl of porridge. I took all of 1hour to finish that small meal.

This morning, I had a mug of luke-warm milo and 2 small paos for breakfast. I did slightly better this time round--45min. The taste of milo and paos is a very welcome change from the taste of blood, plus I have all the time in the world for the next few days. I will survive.


Singing Tigger said...

it does sound rather painful. when i first saw the title, i thought... "that means kai won't be able to enjoy all the foodz she lovez"

on my side, purposely choosing to eat lots of veg and fruits. dieting. result of trip to taiwan.

but ya... milo plus pao still doesn't sound too bad. :P

take care and recover in time for our mexican feast. :D

Quirkz said...

LOL yes, u can see where my priorities in life lie :P

okie =) how's the dieting so far?

Yes i WILL recover in time for our mexican feast! *motivation!* :DD

Singing Tigger said...

well... just now went out for coffee with G and felt a bit faint. *doh* so had fish soup for dinner without any carbo. been jogging for 2 days for about 4.6K. i want to jog at least 4 days a week.

see how after 2 weeks. i think then can really tell how much effects this diet plan is having on me. :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like an excellent diet plan! quirkz and intuition should follow!

JMoh said...

teochew porridge should be okay for you right? I know this place that serves some really tasty porridge... make it another one of our makan sessions, but this time we all eat porridge for your sake!

Quirkz said...

singing tigger: so r u on a strictly carbo free diet? i started jogging a bit recently too, wanna do the SCB 10K run @ the end of the yr =) too bad this yr can't jog with u though! =(

anon: ermm... i already am jogging (once every 2 months, but still..) plus i am on a forced-diet :P

jmoh: Onz! i like teochew porridge =) when's good? get the usual motley crew... haha :D maybe it can also be a harry potter outing??

Anonymous said...

remind me of my wisdom tooth extraction again. It was really uncomfortable.

Yea, take this time to slim down! Away from 'rubbish' and you actually feel good!

Well, i started jogging last month and is once a week. I do it not just to slim down but to feel good about myself too.I use to have backpain but after a few jogging session i realise is not that painful anymore.


Quirkz said...

hey den, did i bring back a flood of bad memories? ; PPP haha! cool that u're starting jogging again =) i'm gonna start soon too! right after my gum heals :D

Singing Tigger said...

well... not 100% carbo free. and today i gave in to tasty after tea at fosters with ey and g. :( but walked home from holland V. :)

main thing is to cut down calories and exercise to use up calories. very simple.

but anon suggested to our cg to have pizza friday nite. hmm... was thinking "to eat or not to eat"...

it's painful not to be able to enjoy food for the sake of health. guess it's worth it. sigh...