15 July 2007

Fashion for Guys

Today, we shall do something a little different for my mainly food-based blog =) My brother showed me an email he sent to his friends. This email was written out of the best intentions in a bid to get them to pull up their socks regarding their dressing style (or lack of). Since I'm so proud of his literary effort (and he is, too), I shall shamelessly post his email here with his full permission. If you have any compliments for the writer, please let me know and I will pass the message to him. He will lap it all up, believe you me :P

Men, Gentlemen,

In my past week, I consistently see guys with almost correct style, therefore I am writing this letter to address the issue once and for all. I come in peace, love and kindness to share with you guys on "The 10 commandments of style". You see, I have this burning vision seared deep within my heart: that is, men with real dress taste
will rise into their proper place in society. We don't need gays (forgive me french) to preach the gospel of taste, nor shall we tolerate tight pants rock star wannabe young punks to dominate Orchard Road.. It is time that Gentlemen stand up and tell Singapore what real true style is.

I have a dream, a dream that decent men will walk in town with style, simple style, that is tasteful, simple and practical. A dream that when such men walk down Orchard, boy lovers will let go of boy's hands, stop being a sissy and follow thy manly ways; young punks will ditch their tight pants and don comfortable G2000 for starters.

That dream can only start with a few good men dedicated to upholding the truth of good taste. Gentlemen: I have deep faith in you. Though at times I may be harsh, I rebuke in love. Remember the words of thy leaders, we have to check ourselves first, then mentor those around us. Through trials and tribulations, we shall overcome!

And good socks are a way to start! Brothers, it is time thou rise up to the occasion.
Pull up thy socks and set the standard right, and as what my apprentice F said: " Rabbi, I finally see thy light. It is only after we know what the
rules are for, then we break them."

Attached are the visual description of when to wear socks and not. Visit the website for more details..http://men.style.com/gq/fashion/.

B: I hope you are convicted that army green socks are no nos. Camo green doesn't blend in the civilian world. (I spot them a mile away, let alone CG sessions.)

Z: Remember, we are responsible for our actions and in-actions. (Ankle socks may be hidden away from your nice khakis, but not away from your young aspiring CG members modelling after you. Believe me, the day you wear the right socks, they
will be so clueless on why you look so good. And Gina will... fall head over heels for you over again. There is a subtle but sure difference.)

F: Maybe one day you should share your testimonial on how you are lost but now am found.

As for folks like E, God bless him.

In good humour,
Cheers! =)

Aye, my brother is a vainpot. He is quite well build and has better dress sense than I and often critiques my outfits ("that blouse makes you look aunty. Can you wear something more glam?"). I am a sad, sad girl, for when I walk down the streets with him, guys are checking him out rather than me. It's a good thing that he's my brother or I'd have a good time hating his guts! :P

PS: ladies, now's your chance! Drop me a message if you'd like to get to know this highly eligible bachelor with a fantastic sister ; ) Will accept bribes.


Singing Tigger said...

his email resembles something i've heard before. LOL... creative though. :)

interesting and a cool way to express his opinions.

maybe he should become a politician since he's got the look, the style, and the passion to change the world. :D:D:D

Singing Tigger said...

i think he should be the PM of the fashion world. :P

Quirkz said...

tigger: aye, if there ever was a job more cut out for him, that's the job as the PM of the fashion world :P

and i would be the blight in his kingdom :D hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

hey how about some webby on women clothes as in office wear.....

Singing Tigger said...

you would be proud to be bling. hahaha...

reminds me of this bling water they were showing on the internet fox news. USD$55! gosh... and people actually pay for it.

ya... water! H2O!

Anonymous said...

"vanity vanity, all is vanity"

i beg you, don't lose your sanity
over dressing, a basic amenity
green socks, with flip flops,
who cares if u dress "lok kok"?

for clothes is merely a practical concern
"a necessary evil!" says those who discern
to these enlightened seers,
the vision is clear:

"to wear socks with shorts,
sports shoes with jeans,
mid-riffs with ties,
singlets with dress pants,

to match giodarno with gio gio,
prada with fila,
zara with bata,
mont blanc with swatch"

to say all these is really a small feat,
let us now live true to our creed,
and hold unwaveringly to the cause
of a life free of stylo cloths!

Quirkz said...

den: sorry, i no expert in fashion :P the only fashion advice i can give is "if it's comfy, it's alrighty" and it doesn't even rhyme :P

singing tigger: u gots to be kidding moi O_O for H2O???

LOL!! my brother will froth at the mouth when he reads this.. you're a bigger blight than me in his fashionable kingdom!

erm, anon, i must say you have a gift...

... of matching together the worst possible combinations to create the most obiang look O_o

Ms Krong said...

wah, anon is also a poet wor... clap clap!

Singing Tigger said...

yup yup... expensive water...

wow... anon can really mess up the fashion world. :D