25 July 2007

The Painful Tooth Part Deux

Sigh, the dentist wasn't kidding when he said that the swelling will be bigger on the 3rd day after the extraction =( Good news is that the bleeding has mostly stopped and I didn't have vampire breath when I woke up this morning!

My face still looks somewhat deformed.. the left side is normal, but the right side looks like I'm hiding a big bun at my jaw bone. Physically impossible, but that's exactly what it looks like. My mum laughed at me yesterday when we went out for a short shopping trip. She's a mean mum *sulk*

Oh, and remember my brave words about going out for a nice meal? Well maybe I shan't. I still take eons to finish a small meal, plus it's not very appetising for my meal companions if they have to look at someone wince and cringe each time her mouth opens by more than 1cm. At least I had a nice breakfast in the comfort of my own home! It's what gets me out of bed in the mornings. Scrambled eggs, bacon and half a slice of cake ^_^ I took about 30min to finish everything. Making good progress on the timing here!

But I do have to pop by the office for a while later. I hope my colleagues won't laugh too much =( And may all cameras be out of battery.


JMoh said...

Poor gal... hope she gets better real soon

Quirkz said...

Thanks! ^^ I'm still onz for the teochew porridge outing ; ) Just not this week :P