17 June 2007

Shooting Colours

Sometime this week, someone invited me to be a last-min stand-in desperate-liaoz-no-one-else-can-make-it-HELP!! photographer for a simple media publicity project for a seminar targeted at the ladies in his church =) Of course I was extremely flattered and accepted the offer! I'm a novice and I've never done this before, so I told him if he's willing to endure an inexperienced photographer, I'm game for it =D

The idea was to have a series of black & white photographs with a single colourful object highlighted. (he wanted 10 good ones.. I gulped at that) The models are all from his church--a bevy of beautiful babes. The guys in that church must have a hard time concentrating on the sermons! :P

Here are my favs from the morning's work =) It was a lot of fun. I would sacrifice my Saturday morning snooze-ins for more of these experiences =)

EDIT: at the request of my friend, I took out the pictures where his friends are identifiable =)


Singing Tigger said...

diff pix from multiply huh?

cool pix. so you have to edit it afterwards with photoshop?

Quirkz said...

hello, now the sets should look more consistent =)

nope, my camera had the "colour accent" function, which means that i can select a colour that i want to highlight, n the rest of the pic will be black & white. works pretty well, from what i see =) yayz!

Singing Tigger said...

wow... amazing... must show me next time. :D

Anonymous said...

wow... a bevy of beauties indeed