13 June 2007

Word Associations

So, there's this little game out there where you say a word, and another person comes up with another word that is associated with it. Example from Family Guy:
Mayor: "Okay, so I'll say a word and you'll respond with another. Mosquito."
Meg: "Bite!"
Mayor: "Good one! Here's one: Bite!"
Meg: "Mosquito!"
Mayor: "Yeah! We have a connection! How about.... hmm, mosquito?"
Meg: "Bite!"
Mayor: "Bite?"
Meg: "Mosquito!"
Mayor: "Oh, you're very clever!"

Some of the word associations in my mind right now?
Bubble ---> Burst (Like the economy... things are on an upswing, but sometimes, u just never know.)
Time ---> Out (Cadbury! Break time!)
Talk ---> Cheap (heard of NATO? No Action, Talk Only. Such as CASE being on NET's case. time to sign up for a debit card)
Over ---> All (Overall, big picture.. or it can mean "Over; all." play on words :P )
Stuff in the news and close to the heart--food and money.. sigh.


Singing Tigger said...

mind=> blank or gone


Anonymous said...

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Quirkz said...

wow, my first spam.

Singing Tigger said...

something to celebrate for???


Quirkz said...

hahaha! i guess not! :D

just that, for a while, i wondered if spammers hit blogs that are more, well, popular. then i thought, naahhhh. so it's just a little egoistical thought ;)

Ms Krong said...

hey! a new anon! a spammer anon! oh wow!