09 March 2007

A Ramble About a Movie

Yesterday, I took half a day off to recuperate from my event on Wednesday (I lay up in bed for 1hour before I've unwound sufficiently to fall asleep!) and went out with Intuition for some retail and culinary therapy. I was combing through all the shops and boutiques in Orchard Road to find the elusive yellow dress (and it's still not found, darn it!) with a very supportive boyfriend in tow. Shopping is simply not Intuition's favourite activity, but yesterday he was a real gentleman and gamely went along as I wavered about purchases, tried on clothes and didn't buy them, trawled through shoe shops and walked from mall to mall.

However, he did have 1 request of me: to watch a movie. I was like, nooo, I just had a movie event last night! We watched a movie already, didn't we! Two movies in two days is just a whole lot of movies, no?? He was adament, however. I want to watch Music & Lyrics! he exclaimed. I can't possibly watch it with the guys, right? I can watch a guy-movie like 300 with them, but this is a romantic comedy, and I can only watch it with you! he cajoled.

Romantic comedies are widely considered chick flicks, are they not? Other romantic comedies Intuition & I have watched are: Along Came Polly, The Perfect Catch, The Prince & I, Somethings Gotta Give, and Pride & Prejudice. All at his request! It has never failed to amuse me that Intuition is the one who enjoys romantic comedies, while for me, my choice of movies tend towards fantasy (LOTR, Narnia, which he also likes) and animation movies (The Incredibles, Shrek, Toy Story, which he don't mind watching). But my guy likes chick flicks, so I go along and have grown to enjoy them. They're good for mindless harmless entertainment, when you want to destress and leave your brain somewhere for an hour or two. Perhaps the only trouble is when you compare your partner with the swoonworthy yummy lead in the movie, which does lead to some expectation management :P

Music & Lyrics was great fun however, and even though the ending is predictable (the guy and the girl always, always, end up together no matter what), the ride to the end was enjoyable. What really got me in stitches was the MTV that was produced just for this movie. Basically, Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) is a 80s has-been, so his popularity has waned and he's a happy has-been. Until a huge break comes along for him and he needs a lyricist PRONTO! That's where Sophie (Drew Barrymore) came in as a talented lyricist who writes beautiful lyrics effortlessly. What I liked about the movie, besides Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore's likeable chemistry, is how it lampoons the current pop idols and the trends that were so, so hot in the 80s! As a kid who grew up in the 80s, I found MTV they throw in (starring Hugh Grant) HILARIOUS! It tickled me to no end. If you grew up in the 80s too, you must must must take a look at this MTV, if not the movie! Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0A7dtdc-nU!

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