11 March 2007

1 hour of my life.

1 hour of my life. Wow, how can I spend 1 hour of my life on a Sunday night? Let me count the ways.
-- Surf the net.
-- Catch up with a friend over the phone (archaic, I know, but I'm quaint that way).
-- Take a nice long shower + a DIY facial.
-- DIY manicure + pedicure with the lil flower sticker thingeys.
-- Read a book.
-- Write a blog post and take some interesting pictures while I'm at it. And have time left over for a nice piece of photo-editing on photoshop.
-- Watch some MTV with my brother.

Notice none of the above includes waiting 1 whole hour for a bus??

SBS!!! Get your act together!!! A whole bunch of us waited for 1 whole hour for le stewpid bus which finally trudged along at 10:15pm!! I was at the bus-stop at 9:20pm and the bus was scheduled to come at 9:40pm according to the lil chart of bus timings they have at bus stops. By 9:50pm, there was still no sign of the bus. So the man sitting next to me started a conversation with me, and apparently he's been waiting for the same bus for a longer time. After an eternity, the bus finally saw it fit to arrive. What's the point of having that bus-timing chart if the only purpose is to mislead commuters like me, who have to pay higher prices for more inaccurate bus timings?!?!!

I thought I had it bad, but the folks at Suntec & Millennia Walk had it worse. By the time the bus got to Suntec, the poor folks there couldn't squeeze on already!! You should see the enraged look on their faces (with misc IT products in their hands..) And it's the last night of the IT fair, for crying out loud!! Please, SBS, have some sense to make sure your buses run on schedule, especially when it's bound to go past somewhere like Suntec on the last day of the IT fair! Helloooooooooo!!! Common sense, non???


mer said...

Wow One hour is no joke.
Must be a major accident or screw-up somewhere that day.

Down with public transport!
Down with public transport!

Anonymous said...

A tip: next time when there's an IT show at suntec, take a train to little india and hop onto 23.

Quirkz said...

mer: i totally agree >_<

mr bing: ehh.. how to take a train to lil india from suntec??

Singing Tigger said...

i was at NTU last saturday and they had some special event... 179 was also packed! dude... either the school should have informed them earlier and ask them for adjustment or something... -_-b