07 March 2007

Perfect Ice-cream Topping!

My uncle received a batch of passion fruits from a staff, and my aunty brought a few for us to try. It's the first time I've ever seen / touched / smelled / tasted a passion fruit. It has a fragrant yet pungent smell, weighs very little and is rather sour. There isn't much of it to eat, really. It's not fleshy like an apple, or juicy like an orange. It's just a lot of seeds in their sacs swimming around in some passion-fruit sauce, so basically when you eat a passion fruit, you pretty much slurp up the seeds.

I didn't care very much for the taste of the fruit. I passed one to my colleague who has green fingers and asked if she'd care to plant a passion fruit, and she agreed. The next day, she told me that she ate her passion fruit with ice-cream and she never enjoyed her ice-cream so much! Coming from someone who doesn't take ice-cream, it has to be really good. I had a stash at home, so I tried it with the Chunky Monkey ice-cream from Ben&Jerry's and I must say that it is the perfect ice-cream topping. Its fragrance just blends in beautifully with vanilla-based ice-cream. Next time if you need to serve ice-cream to guests, here is a great topping that smells totally exotic and tastes wonderfully exquisite.

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Anonymous said...

How does a passion fruit looks like? *peers at the A710IS collecting dust*