07 March 2007

I'm Back!

Sorry for my disappearing act! The last time I posted was *gasp!* LAST MONTH! I've been busy reading other blogs and busy going out and busy looking for the elusive yellow dress for a friend's wedding. (Said friend wanted her jie2mei4s to wear yellow because she's going to have a garden wedding at Sentosa, so blue is out cos we'll blend in with the sea and sky in the photos, green is out cos we'll blend in with the garden, pink is out cos everyone else had pink as the theme for their weddings, so we're left with yellow, cos it'll look great in the photos against the green and blue backdrop. BAH!)

I also just came back from a company event which was held at the Suntec's Eng Wah cinemas. My organization had a simple appreciation event for the folks who volunteered with and donated to us--a movie & dinner event. Here is some griping on my part about Golden Village. We initially approached Golden Village to have our venue, but their prices were high, service was slow and reluctant, and I had to chase the sales person for EVERYTHING. And then they dropped a nice surprise for me when I was trying to confirm my booking--I may not be able to screen the movie of my choice. Even though it's being screened. Because they wanted to maximise box-office sales, because it's "release week". Even though I will be buying all the seats in the hall. Every single seat. On a weekday night. With popcorn & drinks. For every.single.seat. But NooOOOoo, they can't confirm. This was about 3weeks before my event!!

Fuming, I called Eng Wah, and their service was eager and prompt, they gave nice discounts, threw in freebies, confirmed my booking immediately and didn't throw their weight around about not being able to confirm the movie of my choice because it's the release week blah blah blah. And we had a pretty nice time tonight =) I'm so glad I switched.


Dharma said...

what is the meaning of the word quirkikai?

Anonymous said...

3 cheers to you for picking Eng Wah and 3 cheers for Eng Wah for being such a nice organisation. I was expecting a movie review, at least a star rating.

Singing Tigger said...

welcome back! ya... can't believe it's been a month huh?

well, guess GV gets more businesses from the general public so maybe service standard dropped... ew... pride sucks! ha :D

ya, so what movie did you all screened?

Quirkz said...

we screened "Pursuit of Happyness", which according to our guests, was a great movie, really touching =) However, i couldn't relax to enjoy the movie. might hv to rent the dvd to watch it again. i missed the 1st 1/2hour of it cos we were packing up. boo =(