05 February 2007


I just came back from a relaxing and fun weekend getaway to Kukup. It was a small fishing town along the coast of Johor, and it's home to plenty of mudskippers.

All we did from Friday to Sunday was to eat, watch vcds, walk around, sing karaoke (my ears, my ears!!), eat, watch mudskippers, play board games, sleep, eat. Did I mention that we ate a lot there? All in all, we had a lot of fun =) One of my favourite ways of passing time there was to observe mudskipper behaviour. It was endlessly fascinating for me to watch them move around painfully slowly with their little fins, then suddenly skip around as fast as lightning. They sometimes chase one another and do "reverse parking" into their muddy little holes... All these could only be seen during the low tide!

Food, glorious food! On our way there, the taxi driver told us that we needn't worry about any lack of food there, and boy, was he right. Our host certainly kept us very well fed. Check out the mouth-watering hei piah (prawn biscuits, literally).

Lodgings wasn't a problem either. We went to Kukup not knowing where to stay, because we wanted to go there and find somewhere. Thankfully the taxi driver had a good recommendation =) Check out the pad! It's a huge place, and the best thing is that we had the place all to ourselves =) We felt like we had a private club or something, given that all our food and snacks were served, we didn't have to clean up after ourselves, and all the tours and meals were taken care of. So spoilt!

We also walked around the town a fair bit, especially after lunch. Here are some sights around Kukup. Notice the rubbish and the mudskippers!

There're more pictures... Look out for Kukup Part Deux!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you managed to snap a picture of the spider on its web! Mud skippers will also spit mud.

paulo said...


JJeff said...

Gladd to see you had fun. buy anything back for us?

sammi said...

i miss kukup!!!!! and our 'entertaining' mudskippers ;P

mer said...

the gal in the pic looks like Gao Liping. is that Gao Liping?????

Anonymous said...

wha....i thot u mention you won't wana go Malaysia!!!!


ps: chio me leh ... .

msm|chellekwok said...

WOAH the mudskippers at the rubbish site are HUGE !! must be greedy mudskippers. just like the photographer. *hehe*

Quirkz said...

BR: I didn't know mudskippers can spit mud! O_o we didn't get to witness that!

Jeff: Sorry, the trip cost more than expected, didn't manage to shop much there =(

Sammi: I miss the mudskippers too! They're SO CUTE!

Mer: Yup! aka Jeslyn Koh =)

Den: Paiseh! This was a rather impromptu trip!

Mich: YAH those mudskippers were HUGE! and HEY, I'm not greedy okay! Just... very appreciative of food ;)