09 February 2007

Kukup Part Deux

The weekend is here! Finally, I can post Kukup Part Deux with the pictures and all. I've been wanting to post Part Deux quite some time back, but I never really found the right time to do it, because on weekday nights, there'll be my mother, my brother and me fighting for use of the computer, and when I finally get it, I use the time to veg-out reading other people's blogs instead of typing some posts of my own =P So there you have it, the reason why I didn't update it as quickly as I'd like: Other Blogs.

Previously I showed you where we stayed and what we ate (not all the meals, but some of the food, at least...). For this post, here's a glimpse into the programme--what we did (such as lie on the couch, ref: the 1st picture).

Mangrove Swamp
When you're in Kukup, it's best that you travel in groups of 10, because EVERYTHING there is catered for Groups Of Ten. We went in a group of 6, and had a tough time persuading the landlady to let us stay. Anyways, I digress. We went to the mangrove swamp on day 2 and had fun exploring the place. It was full of inspirational quotes (click on picture below to read the text).

One reason why I LOVE my Canon Powershot A710 IS: I managed to capture some of the spider-web!

Suspension bridges make me nervous. I couldn't look down while walking across the bridge. I'm so glad I didn't cross the bridge with the guys. See the pic? The guy was bouncing on the bridge and the girl was hanging on for her life.
After exploring every nook and cranny of the mangrove swamp, we went to the Kelong for our next educational tour. Here is a quirky little poem on the ferry that we took. Click on picture to enlarge =)

I enjoyed the kelong, despite being uber prone to sea-sickness.

The kelong guy told us that these sea turtles were kept by them until they were matured, then they would be released into the sea. When I repeated that story to my colleague, he said "Yeah, right!" Oh well :P It is a cute turtle, nonetheless.

Our absolute favouritest activity at the Kelong was feeding the archer fish (what we called the spitting fish :P) We would place ikan bilis on the small plank above the water area, and the fish will take aim and SPIT! at the ikan bilis with great accuracy! Those standing behind the ikan bilis will get wet, so be warned :P It's amazing how accurate they are. We could feed them all day and be constantly amused. What was more amusing and amazing was that a parrot fish in the same "cage" as them also learnt how to spit for fish (it can't spit very well, but spit it did!) :P Fish do learn behaviour! How funny is that!

What did we do when we're not triapsing around the town, going to the swamp / kelong, eating? well... in view of the IRs coming to town and in the wake of 007's Casino Royale, we erm, had some practice :P

I had fun =) Kukup! Great for holidays and for doing absolutely nothing!


Anonymous said...

eh the last picture you mask their faces also no use lah. except for one guy the rest i already know who. :P

i really like the photo with the spiderweb one.

mer said...

i love the spider web shot too!

and the pixalation (how to spell) is quite farnie cos I can still make out intuition's face ehehehehhe