11 February 2007

Pitstop Cafe =)

Last Wednesday, my cell group and I went to look for some fun in town and after some wandering around, we finally ended up at Pitstop Cafe.

The concept behind Pitstop Cafe is similar to Settler's Cafe, but it's got a younger, fresher and friendlier team manning the forte! And the best part is, Astroboy was my hall mate back in NTU Hall 11 days! (that wasn't too long ago, was it???) He opened the cafe with his wife and 2 other friends, and you can read all about the cafe here, interspersed with Astroboy's amusing musings =D

We played 2 games: Seequence and Taboo, both of which were great group games :D At first we thought that we'd just stay for an hour, but honestly, time flies when you're having fun, and we ended up extending our stay for another hour. Oh, and I received a free membership, since it was our first time there =) Check those games out at Pitstop Cafe one day when you're free =)


mer said...

The group shld get together one day for a round of utter and complete humiliation!

Anonymous said...

Next time you're there, look for Mr. Smith aka 'Thank You'. Ask him to recommend you a game =D His girlfriend, aka 'Welcome', works there from time to time too.