06 December 2006

Sofra Revisited

I went to Sofra again with my lovely DG mates, and ordered exactly what I ordered when I went there on Sunday. I must try some other food there next time! Nonetheless, the food was still good =) Here are some pictures of our outing.

First came our soup and drinks--red lentil soup and apple tea.

This is the pide, what I call the turkish pizza.

Here is the glutton's platter! The presentation is quite cool. I like the use of fake swords through the brinjals and meats :P

There was one more dish that we ate, the baked chicken with rice, cheese and potatoes, but it came slightly burnt on the outside, which didn't make for a pretty picture. The pictures I took of it didn't turn out nice either, for my hands were impatient to start scooping the food from there, resulting in blurry shots of charred food =( Not a pretty picture at all!

Okay, I think I've talked too much about food so far. Will think about other things and blog about them soon!


Ms Krong said...

woooooo! looks yummy indeed! :-D
it's nearly time for lunch and i'm feeling really hungry after reading your entry and seeing all those pics!

Singing Tigger said...

wow... the presentation looks better than what i rem... hmm...

or is it nite time shot looks more romantic? you didn't use flash, rite? ya... we should go there one day... what do you say ms krong? :p

the cheese pizza looks YUMmmmm :d

Quirkz said...

yahz i didn't use flash =) but these pictures are also a tad too dark..

the cheese pizza is indeed YUMmmmm ;) but seriously, the baked chicken is the best! too bad i've got no photos to tempt u =(

msm|chellekwok said...

hEy.. cannot use flash when u take shots of food! must change to food mode (if u have), or if u have a manual cam, adjust the aperture & shutter speed to allow natural lighting to enter... but u don't have an SLR, i guess u just have to stick to whatever you have. hahahahahahahaha

Btw, where's this plc Sofra?
i must go check it out sometime :P

Quirkz said...

heyz ms kwok! nice to see u here!

i didn't use flash on the pictures. i actually adjusted the aperture to be at its widest on my cam, but the exposure wasn't long enough to allow sufficient lighting, hence the dark shots =( the flip-side to having a longer exposure is that it tends to be blurrier (cos hands will shake mah).. i dun usually carry a tripod around either :P hee!

Sofra is @ Shaw Towers, 2nd Level =) u should check it out!