04 December 2006

Ambitions in Life

Well, not exactly ambitions. More like little goals in life that I want to tick of my "To Do" list ; )

Presenting a list of items I aspire to cook in this life-time, in no particular order:

- Pizza (including making the dough!)
- Mentaiko-tobiko Pasta (this seems easy enough!)
- Truffle-anything (pasta, with scrambled eggs, pizza, soup... anything lah!)
- Real vanilla beans infused creme brulee, rather than using vanilla extract / essence.
- Chocolate mousse cake (Varlhona, no less! and I've only heard of that stuff!)
- Chocolate truffles :D
- Mee siam (mai hum, naturally... My grandmother makes a mean, mean mee siam)
- Gourmet ice-cream
- Carrot-cake (the one with the cream-cheese frosting)
- Chocolate lava cake
- Clam chowder soup
- Lasagne

and a whole host of other things that I don't know I want to make until I chance upon them! Good night ; )


Singing Tigger said...

wow... that's your ambition? just in the food category lah? :D

Quirkz said...

hahaha.. i need to stop thinking about food n think about other aspects of my life to come up with other ambitions :P oops!! As a man thinks, so he is!!

Singing Tigger said...

or in this case...

as a woman thinks, so she is... haha... :D

Ms Krong said...

as you're trying to achieve your lil goals, pls remember to invite me to taste the successes!!! haha! :P