31 December 2006

Post Christmas Celebration

I have blogged about Christmas and what it means to me, as well as quirkie Christmas presents and quirkie friends =) Intuition was rather indignant that a toothbrush would warrant a post in my blog while his lovely presents and presence have not yet had a dedicated post, and so now here I am, blogging about it =)

Intuition and I are practical people when it comes to celebrating events like Valentine's Day or birthdays. For example, he doesn't buy me flowers on Valentine's Day itself; he waits until the prices have gone back to normal before sending me a bouquet, which is really sweet and practical at the same time :P Likewise for birthdays... Unfortunately, when you've got a girlfriend whose birthday falls on a public holiday such as Christmas day, there isn't any way you're wriggling out of the situation of going somewhere non-crowded and eating food with non-hiked up prices. So that was what he suffered the first few years we're together, poor him :P

This year, we've wisened up. We celebrated on Boxing Day instead, when the crowds have dispersed and gone back to work, when restaurants are no longer serving ONLY their festive (and overpriced) menus, when everything is on SALE!

Intuition's goal that morning was to keep me from guessing where he was bringing me for lunch :P First he told me to meet him at Suntec's Marches. When I was on my way there, he smsed me: "Follow this instruction if you want food. Go to Marina Sq and await a mysterious fone-call." Of course I wanted my food, so I obediently went to Marina Sq and got that mysterious phone call. I met my date at Marina Sq and we went to the toilet--only it wasn't the toilet, but a corridor that also leads to outside the building which is connected to the Oriental Hotel! We're going to the Melt World Cafe at the Oriental Hotel!

The buffet had a reasonable spread (nothing as lavish as The Line), and the quality was pretty good. Furthermore, because it was a weekday lunch, there wasn't a lot of people, which was great cos we both hate crowded places =) I loved the sashimi! I also loved the baked salmon, the cheese selection, the mussels-in-cream-sauce, the mushroom soup, the fragrant Indian briyani rice and fluffy naan, the multitudes of curries available, and the wonderful, wonderful dessert selection! The caramel ice-cream on freshly baked waffle was divine! The mango mousse was rich and full of mango-goodness. The chocolate fountain was a wellspring of goodwill and happiness (at least temporarily!). Unfortunately, they didn't have a cold section =( I didn't get to slurp down raw oysters and raw scallops, but it's ok! ^-^

After gorging, we had walked around a bit to buy my birthday present (which was on sale, since it was after Christmas day!!), and then he hurried me down to the next Mystery Destination. It was..... a spa session! He brought me to the Civil Service Club's spa area and treated me to my first ever spa session =) It was quite an experience =) It wouldn't be something that I'd want to do again in Singapore though, cos it's so expensive? A session like that can easily set you back by more than $100 (but Intuition got it on discount, so it's ok ;) haha!). No wonder why so many are willing to travel to Bali or Bangkok for shopping and spa!

At the end of the day, after indulging in great food and pampering yourself with a spa treatment, the best way to end it is to eat simple comfort food =) We bought maggi-mee and a can of spiced diced pork and whipped up a simple dinner at my place. It was the best thing to have when faced with the cold, rainy weather--a steaming bowl of maggi mee with canned meat on the side =)


bingren said...

Weren't you glad Intuition isn't "The Riddler", otherwise the SMSes might not be so straight forward. Hee hee hee.

mer said...

Oh. That's thoughtful of Intuition! You must have been laughing quite a bit!
The food sounds fab, but I dunno how you still managed to eat maggi mee even hours after the spread! ;) heh heh

Takakohazelnut said...

I think... he's fantastic. Happy new year girl. Catch up with ya someday when we finally meet~ Huimin

Quirkz said...

BR: yahz :P otherwise i might have ended up going around in circles, heeheehee!

mer: it was thoughtful, yup =) oh, we ate maggi mee at 9pm, a good 8 hours after the feast =)

hazel: hey there! thanks! happy new year to you too! :D

Anonymous said...

Wawaweewah! Intuition sounds like a really great guy; ) You can tell simply by the way he feeds you; P