31 December 2006

Catty Shots

I saw a cat lying around the car park on Saturday and thought that it would be a great photography subject, so after going up and pottering around the house for a bit, I got my camera out in search of the perfect Cat on Car shot (you know how cats like to lie down lazily on top of cars? They have an uncanny sense of who is the most particular car owner and will always end up on that car owner's car :P naughty creatures, cats!). Unfortunately, by the time I got to the carpark, the sun is shining on the cars and no cats were in sight. However, I saw this regular stray at a bench below my HDB flat.

So got cat better than no cat right? I sat down at the bench near this cat and started snapping away. To get its attention, I went like "meow, meow..." and it worked--the cat looked at me. The next thing I knew, it hopped off its bench and started walking in my direction.

After it circled my legs several times, it hopped onto the bench and onto my lap! I was shocked! Are cats this friendly? Or is it because that spot is more comfortable than the wooden bench??

Unfortunately, being closer doesn't mean better =( My movements were restricted and there were many angles I couldn't get at, because its back was facing me most of the time! I wanted to catch a shot of it yawning, but this is as good as I got it. After cropping it, it looks better, but oh shucks! If only the camera was more tilted upwards! It's times like this when I wish my camera had a swivel-lcd display =(

Anyways, I got up and left the cat on the bench and went on to the next. It followed me again! And happily lay on my lap again! This is one friendly cat. I had to say goodbye though =) This is my parting shot.


bingren said...

It's a tomcat.

mer said...

i m quite scared of cats. If it had leapt onto my lap, I would have either froze or *gently* fling it OFF! :P
But I like the shotS!

Anonymous said...

the second picture LOOk really funny , just like a cartoon! YEa , i would have freak out too if it jump onto me. _ den