31 December 2006

Singapore Garden Festival

I went for the Singapore Garden Festival on 20 Dec 2006. I enjoyed the settings and the pretty flowers, but not that much. My friend on the other hand, loved it. I dunno, maybe I prefer flowers in a real garden, rather than in a convention centre with air-con immitating the cool weather of temperate countries, while the smell of wilted flowers filling the recycled air surrounded us =( I'm quite a cynic, no?

Anyways, the other reason I was a bit disappointed was because my photos turned out bleahs there. I was fiddling with the manual mode of my camera, but somehow almost all of them turned out underexposed! Argh! So frustrating! Anyways, here are some of the more presentable ones that evening from my collection. Intuition took a lot more photographs than me though. He is getting better and better at photography ; ) Well done!

My favourite one is the cactus =) At least that one is not underexposed! And AGAIN, it is yet another macro shot. I need to work on my non-macro shots!


bingren said...

I think indoor photography is tricky cause of artificial lighting. Other than the cactus, I like the stars too.

mer said...

The exhibition looks pretty interesting. Any big man-eating plants on display?

Quirkz said...

yahz i realised that indoor photography is pretty tricky =( the long exposure timing needed means that the shots will easily be blurry, which is made worse when i don't have my tripod with me. it also means that people can easily walk into your frame / shot and spoil it. boo.

no man-eating plants, but got plant-eating men around :P eg, intuition.. does that count? hahaha!

Ms Krong said...

yes, the catcus shot is nice! but personally i prefer colourful things so my fav is the colourful stars!