08 December 2006

One of my favourite pictures...

I took a picture of this beautiful bouquet of flowers while I was mugging for something 2 years back. It's a bouquet that was given to my mum for excellence at work, something that she's very proud of, and we are of her, too. What was I doing, taking photos while mugging? It's that law at work, that when you're stressed with your studies, suddenly even housework seems more appealing, and you'll do whatever your hand finds to do, but. Hence, this shot =) I'm glad I did though. Fresh flowers are such pretty things, but they're here today, wilted tomorrow. Reminds me of the parable of the lilies, that Solomon in all his glory was not dressed like them. If God clothed the lilies, how much more His children =)

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msm|chellekwok said...

hellos kai !!
just dropping by to say HI :)
and boy... you really are a FOODIE !!!!!!!!