04 December 2006

Sofra So Good!

Last night I had a wonderful dinner! Intuition brought my family and I
out to Sofra @ Shaw Towers for a meal of turkish delicacies.

Sofra is a Turkish restaurant at a little corner of Shaw Tower (2nd
floor). The ambience is relaxing, the scent of the food was promising,
and the prices were comforting (read: not too expensive!). We had a
seat right at the corner, and had a view of the road outside of Shaw
Towers. Not the greatest, but still, much better than a view of the
corridors of the shopping centre, no?

We ordered a mixed salad that had some brinjals (diced and fried with
spices... yum), hummus (chickpeas pounded with spices... yum), turkish
salsa (diced tomatoes and onions tossed with spices... yum) and bread.

As we were yumming over the starters, our main courses came.

Main course 1:
chicken, cheese and potatoes. It's more like potatoes + a medley of
beans and legumes, all mixed in with the chicken, and a generous
covering of oozly droolworthy cheeese :D~
Main course 2:
Pide--turkish pizza! It's light, cheesy, savoury and chewy! We wolfed
this down in no time at all =)
Rating: Big YUM.
Main course 3: platter for 2
My brother was so hungry he was threatening to bankrupt
Intuition with his appetite before dinner, so while ordering the food,
needless to say he went straight for the biggest portion, and this was
it! It's huge and satisfying. Roasted lamb and brinjals, shish kebabs,
chicken and mutton galore, breads and pitas, more tomato salsa...
mmmMMMmm! Heaven!
Rating: Big YUM.

And then there was the dessert! Pumpkin slices, pistachio pastry (baklava)
smothered in syrup, apricots stuffed with almonds... I didn't care too
much for it, as my preferred dessert should have a generous dose of
chocolate in it, but my mum and brother lapped it up.

My mum was so happy with this meal that with each mouthful, she
grinned at Intuition and thanked him for the treat ^-^ I told him that
he scored major, major points with her that night. My brother was also
very won over by this meal, the glutton that he is (well, we all are,
but there are gluttons and then there are gluttons... and he's a first
class glutton...).

Will be going there tomorrow! I shall try other items on the menu ; )
Yayz! You should go there soon, too!


Ms Krong said...

You make Sofra sounds so good... you sure it's Sofra and not Safra?!! Hahaha!!! :-P

Singing Tigger said...

man... your "Intuition" certain threw me off... had to read it again to realize who "Intuition" is... -_-"

ya... i also thought like ms krong... safra? haha...

ya, it's a yummy place to go... yum :D

mer said...

it makes me wonder how they came up with that name.

oh goodie for intuition.. now, i need to be won over to. How's about it?