22 February 2010

My Bad (Spelling)

I am a bad person.

I do bad things behind people’s back and sometimes, I don’t feel the least bit sorry about it.

One of the bad things I like to do is to write down words that they enunciate wrongly, spelling it according to how they pronounce, and then laugh about it after that.

No, I still don’t feel bad. It must be because I’m not a good person.

Here is a list I gathered from a meeting. I wrote this list down so that I won’t fall asleep in front of him.

- Bacheror
- Examper
- Pwojecks
- Exproar
- Poposal
- Dispray
- Principers
- Directioner sign
- Letail hosplitality
- Projek lrelevant to industly
- Interear design
- We hap velly gud prace

Edit: Here is another that grates on my ears, but not from the said meeting...
- Valemtime's Day


Anonymous said...

Dotch Noe

sparkleberry said...

Sis, did i tell you about my secondary science teacher? For a long while during our first lab session, we were wondering why she kept asking us to take the grasshopper from here to there and everywhere. (Where's the grasshopper in the first place?) And then we realised that she meant "Glass Stopper".

Anonymous said...

there was one time in JC where this c math teacher couldn't stop saying "sex", until we realise she meant "set"