11 February 2010

CNY Craziness (My Dad Wants Out.)

CNY is so much work, I cannot believe it. Spring cleaning is a way to get me the toned arms I've always wanted, but it ruins nails like nothing else can. Oh, and the whole giving ang-paos business? After a while, you'll just get immune to dishing out cash.

Supermarkets and wet-markets are jam packed with people; nail-salons and hair salons have all jacked up their prices by 20-40%, the opportunists that they are; and my dad is running my errands for me. Oh, the spoilt princess that I am.

Me: *in my sweetest voice* Dad, are you going to buy groceries these few days?
He: Yes I am. Why?
Me: I'm stuck at work. Can you possibly help me get some stuff?
He: Ok can. Sms me what you want.
Me: *via sms* can u help me buy this, this, this, that & the other? oh n some more of etc etc...

(1 hour later...)

Me: *over the phone* Have you received my sms?
He: Yes.
Me: How? Can?
He: I thought you have a market downstairs? Why can't you get some of it?
Me: ... Ok can, I'll get it on Saturday.
He: ... Saturday? But... Saturday...
He: Ok ok I get what I can for you. After that I resign from being your daddy! I don't want to be your daddy anymore! Ok bye.
*click... doot... doot...*


Anonymous said...

Chinese New Year comes so suddenly!

Quirkz said...

this yr it's 14feb... quite a lot of time mah :P did u realise that thr's a lot less vday ads this time round??

Anonymous said...

I never noticed Valentine's ads. LOL. Happy Chinese New Year quirkie!