05 November 2009

My Day Stinks.

You know that your day is off to a bad start when on your usual long drawn unexciting commute to work, someone lets off a silent gaseous killer in the sardine packed bus and you slowly watch the air around you turn green and brown and you turn blue and purple as you choke and try not to breathe but yet take in enough air to stay alive. *WHEEZE, WHEEZE*

Words went off like alarm bells in my head, namely WTF--as in, What The Fart?! You @$$ (literally)! Leaving a stinkbomb like that and letting us innocents die a slow, painful death?!

And when you arrive in the office, with the last trails of green and brown gas leaving the tendrils of your hair, lo, the painters were called in to repaint the office right behind your desk. Paint fumes, whee! My emails will be incoherent! My brain will be mush! My drink tastes of paint fumes, too! Rainbows and unicorns will prance around my desk in tempo with the pounding of keyboards around me!

My day stinks. I hope yours will smell like flowers and sunshine, and if it does, take a deep breath in rememberance of me.


mer said...

I had to stifle my laughter at my desk again!!! Really vivid descriptions.. me like. So how pretty were those unicorns?

Quirkz said...

hey gal! always nice to receive a comment on my blog :D

the unicorns were so purty! straight out from my primary school fantasies :D

Ms Krong said...

hope you have days where you can smell the roses on the way to work! :P