30 October 2009

Rouge et Noir

The wonderful thing about websites such as The Sartorialist and LookBook is that it provides tonnes of fodder to inspire for people who are creatively-challenged and imagination-impaired... people like me, in other words. It shows you new ways to wear clothes, new looks, and makes you wince at the way Singaporeans wear ugly berms, battered t-shirts with sloppy footwear, only to try to redeem the look with a $1.8k bag hanging on their arms. Erm, no. Not working it, babe.

The other inspiring thing about it is that it makes me reach for my pencils and pens to capture the looks on paper. Sometimes images just catch your attention and you can't get it out of your head til it's translated on to paper. Sometimes things get lost in translation, but hey, bad and ugly drawings are all part of the deal if you wanna have a go at it. ; )

The Red & Black Series

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