02 February 2009


It's the last 3 weeks before the wedding.

I've broken 5 nails in the process of cleaning my newly renovated flat. We've been going there every weekend to fight the dust and it wasn't until last Sat that we made significant progress against the dust. I hope that when we revisit this week, it won't be reclaimed by dust again.

In the mean time, my mother gets uneasy when she sees me slacking off in front of the laptop at night, even if it's the only 2 hours I've spent in front of the laptop for the whole weekend. "Don't you need to pack???" She'd say. "It's only 3 weeks left and you need to get XXX and YYY ready for this that and the other. What about ZZZ? Have you done ZZZ?"

It seems like it's her wedding as much as it's mine. When I briefly mentioned to her that we seem to have more guests than expected for the dinner and that seats may not be enough, it apparently set of a series of rapid fire discussions between my mum, grandma and aunt about how to manage the emergency and how disastrous it will be if *HORRORS!* there aren't enough seats during the banquet. Fortunately, there are enough seats. However, my aunt, grandma and my mum has sat Intuition and I down and gave us a slew of horror stories about how terrible, terrible it is to not have enough for guests to eat, be it at the church catering or at the wedding dinner, and how it will be a conversation starter for decades to come. I am suitably scared.

Now that I'm on the end to give and distribute invitation cards, I must say when people say "OH I'M SO GLAD I'M INVITED!" it really makes our day. When people ignores our repeated smses, we slump into the pit of self pity and start singing "Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I'm gonna eat some... nevermind." A word of thanks to those who took the effort to respond to our invites =) U guys rock our socks!

I'm sure there is something else that's waiting for me to do now, instead of blogging about this experience. But I thought I'd share it with you guys here ;) Thanks for being our friends. Appreciate you guys much =)


mer said...

Enjoy the excitement, gal! :)

I can't wait for it, myself!

cherry said...

I will keep your invitation card as souvenir you know..:) For as long as I could..