22 January 2009

Updates from a Unglam Bride

Hello friends,

1. I haven't disappeared from the surface of the earth. I can be regularly found at my office desk / my current home / my new home / travelling between these places and recently, at my printer's.

2. I have never been so horrified by broken nails, and unfortunately, I've been breaking nails with an alarming regularity at this point. An unfortunate combination of the need for nice nails during the photoshoot, intensive housework for the moving at the office and at home (oh, deja vu, how you stalk me. yes, i'm moving house AND office at the same time, AGAIN!), and keeping the nails so that i can get a decent manicure for the wedding. Alas, i shall be known as the bride with broken nails. At least it's not a broken heart :P

3. Late nights have given me eyebags galore. Hello panda.

4. Intuition is VERY good with Excel -- A Very Attractive Feature that I never knew existed prior to this. This model of husband not bad, can keep.

5. I have designed and printed my wedding invitation cards. My printer is Francis from LS Print. He is every bride's Best Friend Forever when it comes to printing cards--helpful, patient and accomodating, with quick turnaround to boot. Please look for him -- francis@lsprint.com.sg (tel: 6339 1208). This is a plug for him because he has saved my skin this week to get the cards out in time for CNY. He can print posters, banners, cards and such. i heart him lots lots (but of cos i heart intuition more).

So friends, yes I will be distributing my wedding invitation cards very shortly. Please be overjoyed when I pass one to you, for with my fragile disposition at this moment, anything less than an "OH I'M SO GLAD I'M INVITED!" will send me spiralling into depression.

Thank you much much :P

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Anonymous said...

I am happy that I am invited and thankful that I will be able to attend. : )