01 December 2007

Ten kliks

UPDATE: I DEEED EEET! My timing is a respectable 1hr 15min *beams* RAWR!


I've not done anything more than 5km so far, and tomorrow, I'll be stretching my muscles and my limits to 10km.

My preparation thus far:
- Buy shoes. (check)
- Buy jogging shorts. (check)
- Get the goodie bag. (check)
- Try on the t-shirt to see if it fits**. (check)
- Carbo-loading. (oooh yeah, check ^^)
- Training. (umm... hmmm...*rubs neck*)

Still, it's something I've been wanting to do since last year. It got written down in last year's list of "Things To Do This Year" but it didn't happen, so this year I try to make it happen so that I can feel better about myself =D So come this time tomorrow, I, QuirkieKai, can say I've experienced going through 10km! Even if I walk to some extent!

** : YES I'm doing this so that I can get the cool t-shirt can?? So that next time when I go jog my measly 2.4km rounds, I can wear that and everyone will look at me with respect, CAN?? Happy? There, I've said it.


Singing Tigger said...

wow! so cool. that was one of the proudest things that i've done last year. enjoy it and have fun. :D

(the bag looks better than last year's...)

i am thinking that i want to try a half marathon.. :p it gets addictive...

Quirkz said...

hey tigger! :D

yah i'm looking fwd to it =) the bag looks quite practical =)

when r u gonna try the half marathon? =) maybe u'll be doing the full marathon in 2yrs time? ;)

Jmoh said...


way to go!

Singing Tigger said...

i doubt i can do a full marathon in 2 yrs time... maybe in 5 yrs? that might be a good goal to work toward... :P