25 November 2007

Simple Pleasures in Life: Thanksgiving

In keeping with the American tradition of Thanksgiving, here is a list of thanks that I want to post =)

I think as a people, we too seldom give thanks and take many things for granted. In a society obsessed with keeping up with the Jones's, we forget what God has blessed us with and focus too much on what we do not have. That applies for the tangibles and intangibles, as well as what is within us. So take a pause, look around you and find something to give thanks for; don't say don't have, sure have one ; )

I thank God for...
- Weekends...
... when I can find time to do the things I want to do and spend time with the important people in my life. Nothing beats a Saturday to yourself and good weather to boot.

- My daily bread =)
And I'm not talking about food here. I thank God for being my family's provider, for giving us enough every month to cover the bills and to have some fun. "Divine providence" is not a fictional term ; )

- Good food
Definitely thank God for good food! Good food is really pleasurable. A mouthful of fine, dark chocolate after meals; a cup of strong, fragrant coffee in the mornings, a bowl of hot soup on a cold day; an ice-cream cone on a hot day... mmmm, happiness. *beam*

- Gifts
Specifically, the gifts of writing and drawing. Writing is a form of catharsis for me and I enjoy framing my thoughts into sentences and paragraphs. Drawing is a form of relaxation as well as expression. Some of my friends have mentioned to me that they read my blog and are entertained by it; my sincere thanks to you for your words of encouragement, I truly appreciate and thrive on your compliments =)
a word about gifts: I believe we are all gifted in different ways and are shaped differently, and no one is without a gift / strength, so look out for yours =) and I also believe that these gifts are not for us to boast about, cos they are given mah. Who gives these gifts leh? I only know of one Giver ;)

- Girly Stuff
My many bags, shoes, mp3 player, computer, camera and clothes. Wahahahaha! (More, MORE!! ooops. *cough, ahemz...*) Well, they bring me pleasure, so I give thanks =)

- Folks =)
The wonderful people in my life: people I eat with, shop with, write about, quarrel with, draw for, work with, fight with and gossip chat with. There're always ups and downs in relationships, no? And we embrace them all =)

Your turn. What are some of your thanksgivings?


Anonymous said...

Hi Quirkie,

My thanksgivings?

I thank God for a sister-in-Christ like you! =)


Anonymous said...

i thank God for mondays! wonderful mondays! woo hoo!

Quirkz said...

Sparkleberry: Thanks =D I thank God for you too! ^_^

anon: Woo hoo! ... i think :P LOL!