22 November 2007

A Perfect Apology

So here's the situation regarding birthdays and anniversaries: men are hardwired to not remember, while a lady never, ever forgets. And you can bet your last dollar that she especially won't ever forget it when the guy forgets.

If the guy forgets something as important as his wife's birthday, he'll be damned for the rest of their lives together, regardless how much he grovels and apologizes.
She: Oh, diamonds, rubies and emeralds this year? That's so sweet of you, dear, thaaank yoouuuu. Unlike that year when you... when... *trembling lips* ... you... *sniffle*
He: *gulp* *wipes suddenly sweaty palms on trousers* Uhhh....

Nonetheless, do not fear, help is here. If ever you do face that situation (and if you're a guy, it's a certainty), there is one way to go about it. Like this. This is the only way to (almost) properly apologize to a girl for forgetting her birthday because:
- it's Bono. (sorry if you're not him...)
- Bono's blinky blue eyes.
- Bono's perfect smile / pout.
- A fire-truck with gyrating hunks "I'm Sorry" "I'm Really Sorry" "I'm Really Really Sorry" being said at various points. Once is not enough :P

But the thing is, even BONO didn't get away with forgetting his wife's birthday and this reminder went on to top the charts, and continues to echo around the world whenever another poor sap forgets his significant other's significant date.


Ms Krong said...

Quirkie, are you reminding intuition that your birthday is coming up in a month's time?! Well, yours is quite hard to forget! :P

JMoh said...

ms krong: something must have triggered that response from quirkie...

perhaps she saw a wife torture some poor soul to death for forgetting their magic day.

thats why i shall invest in blackberries and pdas for a happy home.

Quirkz said...

ms krong n jmoh:

nope this is not a reminder =) i'm just completely amused by how bono is apologising for his heinous crime :P LOL! don't u think it's funny??? am i the only one amused (& slightly in luv)??

speaking abt real life triggers...

... this happened to my mum once. and she never forgot. ever.

Anonymous said...

does it work the other way round? wives forgetting husbands' birthdays?

Quirkz said...

anon: but the guys won't remember that their bday was forgotten :D That's the beauty of it!