05 November 2007

Munchkins, how you've hurt me...

Dear Munchy Donuts,

I'd like to just declare my adoration for your yummy donuts. The one with the oreo cookie topping is sheer genius. I also like the one filled with coffee cream, sinful though it may be. I should also commend your sales strategy: buy 1 for $1.20, buy 6 for $6.50 and buy 12 for $12. Brilliant! It makes greedy penny pinchers like me immediately justify buying in bulk.

Nonetheless, this I have against you: your packaging and customer service leaves much to be desired.

The first time I went there, I wanted to buy 6 donuts, since 12 is a bit too many even for me. You smiled so sweetly and told me that the boxes that held 6 donuts were no longer available, would I mind the 12 donut box? I said sure, just put 6 in there, I'm cool. Smilingly, you informed me that if I took the 12 donut box, I have to buy 12 donuts, cannot buy less. Buy 8 can or not, I asked. Cannot, you smiled. That's okay, that's okay, there will be more for everyone in the office, so I bought 12 and went on my way.

The second time I visited another of your chain, it seems like the person standing in front of me had the same problem. What? Out of 6 donut boxes again? Is this part of the sales strategy too, hmmm munchkins?

Today, I brought Intuition there, eager to impress him with your delectable donuts. He was suitably tempted by all the sugary treats and wanted to buy 2 boxes of 6 donuts, 1 box for his family and a box for mine. Just nice! 12 donuts for $12, no? No? You mean, "no"? But we're buying 12, we protested, just in 2 boxes of 6. 6 times 2 equals 12, and if we buy 12, we pay $12, no? You mean, if we buy 2 boxes of 6, we must pay $6.50 x 2? It does not make sense! You really mean it? You do not jest?


It's so sad, munchkins, it really is. It's not that we want to quibble over $1, but it's the small things like that that makes or breaks the customer's experience. I would like to dismiss it as a one time case, but your track record makes me unable to deny this undesirable trait in you. We could have had a really good relationship, but now, I see limited possibilities.

I wish you all the best. I must find other donut pastures now. I'm sure I won't be missed, you've always had a queue of admirers awaiting your sweet favours.


Anonymous said...

huh? 2 six donut boxes is very much more exp than 1 twelve donut box ah? nd to pay 50cents more for each box? dun make sense leh

Toon Han said...

It's a pity that Munchkins did not leave a good impression on you for customer service. They sure miss out a customer who is always hungry.

Quirkz said...

yah lor ; PP imagine the number of donuts they could have sold to me if i were happy with their service!

LOL mr chiam, it's Munchy Donuts.. "Munchkins" is a nickname i coined for it :P