28 November 2007

IT Girl

While walking to dinner, my hp rings. It's an overseas call.

Me: Hello?
He: Hey Quirkz ah, what you doing now?
Me: Dad? I'm going for dinner. Why?
He: Eh my computer... cannot shut down leh. Why har?
Me: What happened?
He: My computer hang lah... aiyah I need to access my email. The worker *mumblemumble* and cannot fix my computer. What must I do har? Press what, "shift", "control"..?
Me: Oh, it's "control, alternate, delete." Cannot lift up your fingers! Press control first...
He: Ok... con...trol... what's the next one?
Me: Alternate. Look for A.L.T. Have anot?
He: ... ah ok, A.L.T. is it?
Me: Yah. Now press those two buttons together and press delete.
He: ok... control.... alternate.. A.L.T. har? .. de...lete. Cannot leh.
Me: Ok, is there a power button to shut down your laptop?
He: Yah, but it's not working...
Me: Press and hold for a few seconds.
He: *pause* Ah ok ok. Thanks ah, now it shut down already.
Me: You ah! Never call me at all har, only when your PC needs help then you call me! I'm your IT helpline is it??
He: Heh heh! Yeah lah, at least you are slightly useful ok! Otherwise you won't be useful! Ok ok thanks, bye.

QuirkieKai, Daddy's Useful IT Helpdesk.

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