17 October 2007

Simple Pleasures in Life

Right now, I'm feeling really sleepy and sated despite the pile of work on my desk waiting for me to tackle. And why is that so?

It is because I had a really yummy lunch of prawn noodles + a munchy donut after that.

(Ingrish lesson digression: Did anyone go through this in their Primary school english lesson before? The lesson where you're not supposed to start a sentence with "because"? Because It is because it is bad writing. So when answering comprehension passages questions like "Why did Andy take the apple?" you don't say "Because Andy was blahblahblah" BUT "It is because Andy was blahblahblah." Funny how blogging triggers the strangest memories in the dusty recesses of one's mind.

If one has a mind.)

Oh I could go on about the pleasures of the Katong prawn noodles, of how I love love LOVE the sweet soup, the chilli powder, the guilty pleasure of biting into lard pieces while chomping down on a large sized prawn, the crispy oily salty yummy ngoh hiang that is a must to order...

... but I shan't. Because It is because the work on my desk is giving me a massive guilt trip and lunch took long enough as it is.

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