13 October 2007

Ingrish Lesson 101: Barbeck

Strolling at East Coast Park one Saturday afternoon, Intuition nudged me and pointed at a signboard...

He: Look at the signboard!
Me: What about it?
He: Look carefully! It says "Barbecue"!
Me: ... so?
He: Don't you see anything wrong?? b.a.r.b.e.SEEEEEEE.u.e???
Me: *stifling a grin* that's not wrong what!
He: Aiyo your spelling is going down the drain. It's spelt b.a.r.b.e.KEEEEW.u.e!!
Me: *bimbotic look* then that would be pronounced as BarBECK! See, how do you pronounce boutique? BootiKEW?? NO! It's pronounced Boo-Teek! How about "tongue"? Not "tong-ew", right??
He: *clasps his hands over my head and shakes it* AHHHH!!! You're getting sillier and sillier! I don't want to talk to you anymore!

Actually, I was just having him on. I also thought that the signboard had a spelling error (horrors, our National Parks Board can't spell!) but wanted to have fun with the inconsistencies of the Ingrish Language. Until I checked the spelling of BBQ for this post and saw that BOTH spelling were accepted; in fact, "barbecue" was more common than "barbeque", which was the way I've been spelling it all my life.

So here's Ingrish Lesson 101 for you: Barbec/que, as carefully researched by QuirkieKai.


Anonymous said...

dear quirkz... r u serious in spelling BBQ as "barbeque"? it nvr occurred to me it ever was spelt tt way leh... haha... ;P CJ

Quirkz said...

dear CJ

are u aka april*? ;)

yah maybe i shd start a poll:
How do you spell BBQ?
a. Barbeque.
b. Barbecue.

apparently i'm not the only one who spells it that way!!