25 September 2007

A Desk Revisited

If you remember from a previous post, Confessions, there was a poor colleague of mine who had his desk wrapped up while he was away on reservice for 2 weeks.

FYI, he also went for the Hanoi trip, which took 11 days.

Before leaving for the trip, someone asked him, "Hey, aren't you afraid that your desk will get wrapped up again while you are gone?", to which he replied,"No worries! This time Quirkie is on the trip with me, so I'm very sure that my desk will be safe!" Tsk tsk, whatever gave him such awful ideas about me?

When we came back to work today, there was a nice surprise waiting just for him:
Poor guy =P I really didn't do it this time. Seriously!


Toon Han said...

Hi QuirkieKai,

Sorry I was very wrong about you. You were indeed not the mastermind.

Looks like this time I need also about 1 week to fully clear my workdesk. All the best to me. : )

Quirkz said...

hello TH ; )

yah i actually felt rather bad for u, knowing that u've got a tonne of work waiting for u to clear ;) all the best! at least the karang guni man will be here next week, LOL!!

Jeffrey for Christ said...

Yoz.. TH, pls visit my blog. HAHA.