21 May 2007


Much as you might find this incredibly hard to believe, trust me when I say that I, QuirkieKai, am no angel.

In fact, my colleague (let's call him A) once cried out in fear when I shared with him a diabolical plan, saying "You're EVIL! EVIL! Stay out of this!" However, not everyone shared the same sentiments as him. Some thought that the Diabolical Plan was actually A Very Good Idea. See, someone (let's call him B) left his keys on his vehicle and A found it. A passed the keys to me, saying "Hey help me keep this. I want to disturb B for leaving it on his vehicle", to which I readily agreed. But, I thought, what's the point of keeping the keys when the vehicle is obviously safe? If you want to disturb someone, do it and do it well! Hide the vehicle rather than the keys! The office was divided on this issue. Some cried bloody murder, others were gleefully rubbing their hands together saying "Yessss, let's...."

Well, in the end we took the vehicle out for a spin without telling my colleague (it's my company's vehicle, not his, don't worry;) ). No one in the office was supposed to tell him, too. He came back, was looking for the keys, then started looking for the vehicle, then... Suffice it to say that if I had ribbed him about it when we came back, he would've beaten me to a pulp :P

Today, one of my colleagues is returning from his 2 week's reservice. We are all waiting with bated breath for his return. Because we have wrapped up every.single.thing. on this desk. And under. And his desk, too. *muahahahahaha*

This magnificent work was done by many enthusiastic saboers who would saunter over after lunch or when they need a break and wrap whatever was available, over a period of 2 weeks. Whose idea was it? Umm.. it's the precipitate of many emails and jokes flying around in the office before said colleague left for reservice.
Colleague 1: "Shall we...?"
Colleague 2: "If you're on, I'm on!"
Colleague 3: "I think it's a great idea..."
Colleague 2: "I don't mind leh!"
so when someone said "YES!", it didn't take long before everyone caught the vision and plunged headlong into the mission (^-^)v

There is, however, a climate of fear hanging thickly in the air now. No one dares to go for a long holiday anymore. Nope. Not anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

Haha, my contributing signature is making me feel evil now too. :P

Has he realised it yet?

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was me. - Jac

Quirkz said...

hello jac! yes he's realised it, and he's actually quite happy about it! i think he enjoys the attention.. strange guy, huh?!?

Toon Han said...

Indeed I am a strange guy. Yes I was quite happy that my colleagues took the effect to give me a big surprise. : ) Sure need about a week to fully unwrap my work station. Had only managed to unwrap some to get down to work.

Anonymous said...

ehheeh, didn't know u guys really did this! great!!!


Quirkz said...

toonhan: glad u liked our combined effort ; ) take your time to unwrap.. we certainly took our time to wrap the stuff up!

den: yeah, opportunities like that don't come often! anyways it makes life more interesting ^^

- yellow - said...

u've always been EVIL kai.
dun deny it.
i've been many a traumatised victim.
*rolls on the floor sobbing*

Quirkz said...

heyz jolene, i've always been so kind to you.. it was YOU who were unkind to me! how you have scarred me with all your wisecracks about my... my HAIR! *sobs uncontrollably...*

Anonymous said...


Andrew said...

YES I am your "A" friend and and NO you are not evil but very very very playful and very very very mischievous....it is my ernest prayer that GOD will protect me from you...HaaHaa.