06 August 2007

Of Whirlwinds, Quirkie Gatherings and Normality

I am happy to say that my swollen cheek (aka cheekmunk) is well and truly gone! All that's left of my wisdom tooth extraction is a gaping hole where the tooth used to be =) It's not bleeding nor infected, but because the stitches came loose very soon after the extraction, it's slightly torn. Thankfully, everything else is okay, I just have to make sure that food particles don't get stuck in there =) Which they do. So I have to rinse my mouth very carefully nowadays, but that's okay =) I'm just really happy that I can eat normal food again! Attention food, I'm back with a vengeance!!

And my hair colour is getting more and more normal ; ) Yay!

The weekend was a whirlwind of activities for me, so much so that the only time I had to stop and stone was on Sunday night, 12midnight.

Saturday was filled because of Smiley's wedding (congrats Mr & Mrs LSJ!), where I was one of the sisters, which meant we had to head down to her place by 7.30am before the groom arrived with his motley crew for the torture process =) For her wedding dinner, Intuition and I were the emcees; a first for me! I was the mandarin speaking emcee! My Chinese is not good nor is it fluent, but next to Intuition, well, let's just say that ACS is not known to produce Chinese speaking scholars ; ) Thankfully, it went okay, except for when I tripped over the groom's fathers name and mispronounced his surname twice in a row and nearly stuttered when I started. I felt like I was preparing for my O level Chinese oral exam all over again during the incessant rehearsels with Intuition. Intuition did well on stage, he's quite the natural, so all I had to do was to follow his lead with the mandarin translation =) We make a good team!

Quirkie Gatherings
5 Aug was the gathering of the PMs at QuirkieKai Land! Sadly, we're gathering to say goodbye to our dear Singing Tigger, as she's returning to the States in September =( We don't want to let her go, but I guess in life, there's always some coming and going. True to her name, she sang us a gorgeous song, "My Tribute". It is a beautiful song with meaningful lyrics, and she's blessed with such a rich and gorgeous voice. A hushed awe descended upon the room as Mich played the piano and Singing Tigger sang her heart out. Everyone whipped out their digicams and handphones to capture the moment, but nothing beats a live performance =) I was honestly expecting a crowd to gather outside my windows as she reached the chorus of the song. What a treat it was for all of us present =)

Ms Krong also sang us a song in a way that only she can! Walt Disney, should you need voice talents for any cats, look no further! Ms Krong can meow her way into the hearts of anyone who cares to listen to her feline rendition of "Christmas Isn't Christmas."

Mr Bing sang about 2 lines of a song too, and it's forever burned into our retinas and etched into our memories. Mr Bing, Mr Bing, Mr Bing. You will forever be associated with "Physical" and "Teletubbies." I'm sure Mich will agree. Poor Mich, tis her first time meeting you and I'm sure she won't ever forget your quirkiness!

Speaking of singing, I'm just really glad I'm moving out of this place by next year. This group sang passe national day songs with such gusto that I'm sure my entire neighbourhood heard their rendition of Stand Up for Singapore, 5 Stars Arising, We The Citizens, This Is My Country and other such hair-raising spine-tingling patroitic propaganda songs. I'm sure MP Mah Bow Tan would've been mighty pleased with me should he have passed by my humble apartment during that time, but in the mean time, pardon me while I find a hole to stick my head into. I mean, seriously guys, I have to live here, you know?? You guys, you guys just do the damage to my reputation in the neighbourhood and then you leave! Me, I have to stay here and face the neighbours! What am I to do??

And so, with the quirkie gathering over and done with, some semblance of normality returns to my life =) But I wouldn't exchange those 5 hours of wine, song and laughter for anything else in the world--I really had a great time. It's the quirkie moments that makes life so special, no?


Anonymous said...

I just found out that the library has cranium in the board games room =D

Quirkz said...

Your library or the NLB? :P

can borrow or not? :D

isn't it rather noisy to have cranium in the library??? Can u imagine doing a humdinger??