10 August 2007

Breakfast, Brother and Butt

I woke up at 8:30am when my alarm went off, hit the snooze button and went straight back to bed. It wasn't until 9:30am before I decided to open my eyes and smile at the world.

It's not often that I get to sleep at 12:30am and wake up at 9:30am--a good 8 hours of solid ZZZZZ. That extra sleep puts me in a very good mood. My itenary for the morning also looked very good: Breakfast, followed by some roller-blading @ a lovely park near my home. The weather was perfect. I kicked off the blanket and wandered to the kitchen, wondering what should I indulge in for breakfast.

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day because I get to drink coffee with food items that I like to eat, but would be strange to eat at any other time of the day except in the morning. Some of my favourite breakfasts are the simple stuff--usually some form of carbohydrates with caffiene. Eg, kaya + butter on toast with coffee. Ham & cheese sandwich with coffee. Or a soft, chewy savoury pao with coffee. Or a muffin with coffee. ANYTHING with good coffee, and I'm ready to face the day :D

I settled on cheese + tomato on buttered toast and sprinkled some dried basil onto the combination, made a nice big mug of coffee and read the comics while enjoying my breakfast alone in the morning. It's nice to have that kind of leisure alone time once in a while =) (But it's really not by choice, seeing how my brother and my mum wakes up for lunch. My dad is usually my breakfast companion, but he's away, so...)

As I was finishing up my coffee, my brother woke up (voluntarily! before lunchtime!) and asked me if I could pick up his friend and send the both of them to the interchange. It was phrased like a request, but in reality, it was a demand. Being the nice sister that I am (and because I foresee that I'll need him to drive me around sometime in the future), I gave in. Reluctantly.

Conversation in the car:
Me: You know, I don't have to do this.
He: It is out of love for your brother that you do this.
Me: Bullsh*t. I shouldn't be going this way. I should be in the other lane now, turning into the park. See? The sun's coming out. The weather would've been perfect, but you're ruining it for me.
He: No, the weather would have been the same anyway.
Me: No, the weather is getting hotter. NOW is fine, but the delay you're causing me is not going to be fine.
He: Well sometimes in life, you need to go around in circles to get to your final destination.
Me: I don't need to go on this circle.

But I do anyway.

So I picked him up, sent him and his friend to the interchange and went on my merry little way to the park and bladed happily. I was cruising along, enjoying the breeze on my skin and smiling at the greenery around me when my left foot skidded on something slippery and before I know it, my blades were going in different directions under me and BANG! I fall butt-first to the ground.

Actually, it wasn't so much a fall as it was a skid. My poor butt skidded on the asphalt. There is a part of my butt left in the park and part of the park left in my butt, and it's not a pretty sight. Unfortunately, there was no one else around to help me up. Fortunately, there was no one else around to laugh at me. Instead of going for the 2 rounds I had intended to do, one round would have to suffice.

At night, I told my brother:
Me: You know what?
He: What?
Me: I fell on my butt this morning.
He: Serious? So now how?
Me: It's bleeding. The fall took the skin off it.
He: Serious? So now how?
Me: It's all your fault.
He: Serious? So now how?
Me: So it's all your fault that you made me do that little detour. If not for that detour, I wouldn've have fallen and I wouldn't be in so much pain now.
He: *big grin on his face*

I have a doofus for a brother.

And that was how I spent my National Day holiday.


~ CL ~ said...

You certainly have the gift of making the lamest conversation sound so funny!!!
I'm thinking of going blading tmr too! Hopefully it will be an uneventful one :P

Quirkz said...

thanks! ^_^

heyz! i'm going blading again tmrw morning too! yes hopefully it will be uneventful =) will wear bermudas this time!!!

Anonymous said...

it's 9 hours of sleep, not 8. 1230am to 930am = 9 hours.

Quirkz said...

well i went to bed at 1230, but fell asleep at abt 1am, cos it takes time, u know :P n 9-930am is the state between wakefulness and sleep, so it's not counted.

so i slept for 8hours. technically. ;)

Anonymous said...

Did you minus the time when you wake up to go to the loo?

Quirkz said...

mr bing, good to see you back on blogger!

well no, cos when i sleep, i don't wake up to go to the loo :P i avoid drinking too much water before i go to sleep ; ) it's disruptive.