26 July 2007

Eating Mush

Ever since my extraction on Monday, I've had mushy lukewarm porridge for my meals. I try to break the monotony during breakfasts where I have something tastier, even if it's still soft, such as half-boiled eggs. Still, lunch and dinner consists of chicken porridge (which my mum cooked by the cauldron. For just me.) By the third day, I've had enough of chicken porridge / pork porridge and the like. The thought of any such porridge causes my stomach to shrivel up and whimper, so I decided to have something mushy and yummy for a change (not that my mum's porridge is not yummy :P it's just... you know, too repeated).

So for last night's dinner, I chopped up some potatoes, celery, half an onion and 3/4 of a carrot, boiled it all til it's soft and threw in a can of Campbell's mushroom soup. I added the remains of the shredded chicken from my mum's chicken porridge, fried some bacon and threw that into the soup as well. I bought some local baguettes to dip into the soup. The result? A savoury, rich mish-mash of flavours that is still gentle on the gums and a cinch to put together.
Gara came over to my place to 1. laugh at my uncanny resemblence to Popeye and 2. to have dinner with me. We gossiped, laughed, indulged in girl-talk bordering on neurosis and laughed some more at each other. It was refreshing to have some connection with the outside world besides my internet connection; my life-saver while I hole up at home.

It's now day 4. The swelling has gone down *very slightly*. My brother took a look at me this morning and laughed out loud, "You look like a tomboy who got beaten up!" Ah well, it won't be long before I face the world again. If you see a girl whose jawline resembles Popeye and has a short crop of faded red hair wincing as she eats in some cafe over the weekend, be kind to her. It's probably me.


Singing Tigger said...

wow, so creative. i love eating well and eating healthy. :)

gambate! :) hang in there. :)

Quirkz said...

yeah i also enjoy eating well ^_^ haha! yes yes and eating healthy too =)

thanks! me is hanging on! getting better by the day ^_^

Anonymous said...

*to the tune of popeye the sailorman*

popeyee the sailormoon *toot toot*
popeyee the sailormoon *toot toot*
jawline so biggie
yet ure still so pweetty
you're popeyee the sailormoon!

*toot toot*

Quirkz said...

*faint* u're all tutti frutti liaoz, anon!! :P i dunno whether to froth at the mouth or to roll on the floor laughing -__-b