18 June 2007

Grassy? Me?

Ms Krong was sharing about a personality test she tried and how she was surprised at its accuracy. With my curiousity piqued, I asked her to email it to me for me to try, and like her, I was surprised at its accuracy (except for the modern-life bit. how is my mundane life modern??). Here it is!

You are the grass-fragrance type
You have very strong will, not dependent on others and gives an impression of being a lone-ranger. You are extremely curious and sensual, living a clear-headed, modern life. At first glance, you place yourself on a pedestal & are difficult to get along. But once others talk to you, they know you are easy-going. And when the relationship develops, they realise you are affable. You have an androgynous charm which makes you popular with all genders. But you don't like your weak side to be seen. You might look cool on the surface, but beneath it all, you are really passionate. Only people who know your true self can maintain a long relationship with you.


JMoh said...

I took a sneak peak at the file itself, the magic personality test has 4 outcomes: 1)fruity-fragrance type 2)orient-floral fragrance type 3)grass-fragrance type 4)floral-fragrance type.

interesting permutations, i.e 2 lone ranger sorts and 2 easygoing sort of personality.


Quirkz said...

hey jmoh =) 1st time seeing u post a comment here!

okie, have u tried the test? what's your fragrance, then?