14 May 2007

Red, Sweet, Juicy.

One of the best desserts in the world: a slice of ripe, red dragon fruit, chilled and naturally sweetened.
How to eat: Chomp, chomp, chomp. And it's gone! ^^ Don't forget to wipe the red juice off your mouth if you don't want to look like Count Dracula.


Anonymous said...

ewwwww... looks really sour... but sour is refreshing

Singing Tigger said...

i bag to differ... usually the red/purple ones are sweeter than the white ones. ;P

Singing Tigger said...

aiyo.. can't spell liao

beg... O_o

unless anonymous also tried it. :p

Quirkz said...

tsk, anonymous is really pesky...

1st anon goes about framing ms krong, then now anon questions my taste in fruits... :P

i dunch think anon has tried it... have you?