16 May 2007


As I have been indulging in too much good food recently, I thought I would eat something light for lunch today. Half a packet of mushrooms and some slices of bread have been languishing for want of attention in my kitchen, so I thought I'd just use whatever was available.

Fresh button mushrooms are wonderful emergency food. They taste tonnes better than canned button mushrooms (ugh, what a way to spoil them!) and are just as easy to use. Chop it all up and toss them into cream sauce for creamy mushroom pasta (duh...). Saute them in garlic for a light side dish to any meal. Add them into cheese sandwiches for an instant oomph! The light fragrance and juiciness of these fresh mushrooms are all lost when canned, not to mention that canned mushrooms probably come along with a whole host of preservatives, so I like to use fresh ones whenever possible.

After chopping up the mushrooms, I tossed it with some salt, olive oil, garlic and dried basil and baked it for 5min on low heat. Dump the mushrooms between two slices of buttered toast with cheese and you've got yourself a light and healthy (I think it's still healthy, despite adding cheese and butter) lunch ^-^

Unfortunately I took a little too long posing the sandwich for the shot, so my sandwich was less warm than I'd have liked it to be. How silly ^_^b


Singing Tigger said...

looks yummy. are you sure it's "light"? :P with all that cheese.

Singing Tigger said...

and made all that at work? wow... amazing. should give you an ingenious lunch making award. :D

Quirkz said...

i was at home ^_^b... half day's leave... teehee. are you taking the award back? :P

Anonymous said...

is still healthy! One slice of cheese is good for the bone, no worries. Gonna try that soon...Hmmm since i like bread so much!

Singing Tigger said...

hmm... ya, should consider taking it back. :P