02 April 2007

Quirkie Tales of Quirkie Friends

I. The Lame Jokes.

Q1: At an international school, the children were practising high jump. A child from the Czech Republic couldn't even clear the lowest barrier. Why?

A1: Because that Czech didn't bounce.

* * *

Q2: What song does Dayong sing everyday as he goes to work?

A2: Dayong Sampang (Dayong shang4ban1, ie, go to work.)

Ha-ha-ha. These lame jokes are copyrighted by Mr Bing (YES he came up with it. *faintz!*).


II. The Funny Friend.
This friend of mine, let's call her Gara, is truly funny without really trying to be, i.e., she will say something and everyone else will burst out into laughter while she looks around, bewildered.

So said friend went for Japanese lessons with her sister. One day her sister couldn't make it for the lesson, her tutor asked her in Japanese, why isn't your sister here today?

The correct answer is: My sister is working (imoto wa hataraiteiru)
Her answer is: My sister disemboweled herself (imoto wa harakirimasu)

According to her, during that lesson, she also told her tutor that she "ate a departmental store" :P Her tutor must love his job with priceless entertainment like that every week =)

Gara also tried bakuteh for the very first time when she's 26 years old. Yes she's Singaporean. No I don't know where she's been all her life. She tried it for the first time in Brunei, an Islamic nation. See the irony??

Another one of her priceless quotes: one day on MSN, she was asking me about "Mr Imitation" and I'm like, who?? so she said "your boyfriend!" and i'm like, "That's not Imitation. It's INTUITION!!!" Of all the words to be substituted... For the record, I do not have an imitation boyfriend, although I can't say the same for some of my branded clothes and bags...


Anonymous said...

Wah ... the jokes are so clever.

Singing Tigger said...


Magdalene said...

Haha... somehow I think I know Gara. She's cute. :)

Quirkz said...

mr bing: hahaha ;)

singing tigge: my friend is a natural.. there are lots more such qoutes just that i didn't note down all...

mag: haha yeah she's cute ;)