29 March 2007

What a Pain...

The tip of my tongue has an ulcer =( That is a most unfortunate location to have an ulcer. Anything you taste will affect it. Even as you try to dislodge pieces of food in your molars with your tongue--the pain will come.

The gum area around my wisdom tooth is also a bit swollen and the roof of my mouth feels sore.

Ugh. I never thought I'd say this, but eating has become a pain to me =( I now eat like an elderly--only soft food, nothing too crispy and no more nuts. Well at least chocolate is still allowed ^^


Anonymous said...

Chocolates can be pretty crunchy too... plus they definitely lead to tooth decay. Abstain!

Anonymous said...

Ulcers are bad things to have. I used to have them every week. Tip: eat fruits and drink plenty of water.