19 April 2007

Quirkie Creations: Earrings

A pair of earrings I made last year. It's currently one of my favourite pairs to match with my blue outfits.

When you look at your custom jewelry, do you ever get an urge to take things apart and put it together again? Or do you feel like it will look better if only this bead was placed in a different position, and then you proceed to go ahead and give your earring / necklace / ring an overhaul?

No? Well, I do.

My interest in making my own pieces of custom jewelry started while I was hanging out with my Japanese friend, Ryoko. She would choose leather strings and pretty pendants and come up with stylish necklaces. My interest was piqued--you mean you can actually design your own accessories?? Ryoko would bring me to The Bead Shop in Hereen where beads of all shapes, shades and sizes were sold. I would visit that shop when I'm in the area and would buy strings and beads to piece together necklaces according to my wardrobe needs and fancy.

I had never ventured into the world of making earrings even though the interest was there. It wasn't until sometime toward the middle of last year when I stumbled upon a bead shop that also sold earring-parts that you could assemble yourself. The minute I stepped in I was stuck. It sold crystals, all sorts of glass beads, silver chains, hooks, nylon strings, semi-precious stones etc etc, and I would pore over each bead and imagine what I could do with each bead. Should I buy the blue or blue-green? Would a clear crystal match it better, or a light blue one? Or how about a complementary shade instead?

Over the next 2 weeks, I remember shelling out $60 for various beads, basic parts of making earrings and pliers. That's a lot considering what a tight-wad I am! I feverishly made my earrings (the same design in different colours. I had a packet of beads of the same design, but not enough variety to do more than 2 different designs) and wouldn't go to bed until my eyes were crossed and my shoulders were sore. Well, predictably, many friends received earrings for their Christmas presents last year, but hey! who's complaining :P

Anyway, this evening I thought I'd stay away from the internet for a change and indulge in my more productive hobbies. Presenting the work of my hands:

Experimenting with something different from the usual one-bead design by adding the bunch of beads at the bottom.

This is my favourite self-made pair to date. My mum bought me these beads. The design is not new, I actually made a few pairs of blue earrings in this design for Christmas last year. This time however the main bead is oriental in design and it's more colourful on the whole, which really suits my tastes. Pretty! Me likes ^-^


Anonymous said...

So pretty! Me like too!

quirkie's 1st anon said...

you should go chinatown, loads of such accessories shop.. see the different types of beads until you go crossed-eye..hahahahaha :p

Quirkz said...

argh!! 2 anon comments posters! i know who's anon at 12:56am, and that anon would never recommend another bead shop to me, but who is the other??

who art thou??

quirkie's 1st anon said...

I am who I am.

hahahahaha.. oops..

nope,i'm not God. :p