14 April 2007

Family Guy

My latest internet addiction: youtube.

I've been trawling youtube for clips of Family Guy. My favourite character is Stewie. His sarcasm, wit and crisp enunciation wins me over completely ^-^

Here is one of my favourite Stewie clips:

and for all those who are into musicals, can you identify which one is this clip spoofing? :D (I loved this one):

Watch it and let me know what you think!


Singing Tigger said...

clip one... LOL... i totally see why you like it. :p

drew berrymore rocks! (like a kitten... hahaha)

clip two... must be phantom!

hahaha... not! so weird...

now i know you better. how peculiar. hmm.

Anonymous said...

clip 1: poor brian. i like brian.
clip 2: my fair bingren?

Anonymous said...

hilarious!!! i like stewie

Quirkz said...

Singing tigger: Hilarious, isn't it? :D

bingren: you like brian? he's quite silly sometimes :D he gets into a lot of misadventures with stewie... and you're absolutely spot-on about "My Fair Bingren" :P

anon: if you're mr regular anon, then u're the one who got me started on this Family Guy addiction... it's all your fault!!