22 February 2007

Simple Pleasures in Life

I first saw this phrase "Simple pleasures in life" in a church-mate's msn nick and it struck me. Ever since then, I've started paying more attention to the simple pleasures in my life--things that I enjoy, that lifts my mood, if only for a while. It helps me get by the sad days better, and brings more joy to the good days. Afterall, we'll always have sad times and happy times in life, so why not find pockets of pleasure to go with both seasons? =)

Here are some of mine in no particular order... Will post more here when it strikes me next time.

1. A good shot by my Canon Powershot A710 IS (I think they should pay me advertisement fees...)
2. My office's 19" LCD monitor that I use for my work. It makes everything look better.
3. Enjoying a morning walk with a loved one with a hearty breakfast at the end of the walk.
4. Wearing new clothes that look good!
5. Clear blue skies, a scattering of white clouds and a cool breeze.
6. Dark chocolate. Enough said.
7. The scent of my favourite perfume (Happy To Be, by Clinique.)
8. Using my favourite pen(s) to doodle / take notes / write in my offline journal.

What are some of yours? =)


Ms Krong said...

getting abd giving new comments on blogs! heh! =D

Quirkz said...

i like that too! except for anonymous spams :P

mer said...

Simple pleasures in life?
Look at my recent blog entry- and they don't even have to try! ;)

Anonymous said...

My simple pleasure in life is listening to interesting pieces of news, whatever the occassion. (^^,)

Anonymous said...

Verily verily I say unto you, "the identity doesn't matter, it's the message that counts"

I like commenting anonymously

- yellow - said...

hey how come i'm not on that list?!!*WAILS*